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What Happens in Vegas, stays in vegas goes the adage, and it seems that is something all of humanity has taken to heart. Popularly referred to as Sin City, Las Vegas and its casinos and other gambling establishments have changed the way people live their fantasy lives. The best part about being in Vegas is that it is legal to spend your money on a game of roulette or blackjack for the heck of it and not go to jail. Most other cities in the United States have outlawed gambling this has led to Vegas being the centre of all gambling in the US.

Nothing Like Vegas Hospitality Since Vegas sees such a huge influx of tourists from the US as well as the world over, it has become a hub of hospitality. In fact, it is home to the most number of AAA Five Diamond Hotels in the world – the gold standard for hospitality. Not only that, its penchant for various forms of adult entertainment is what gave rise to the label of “Sin City” to begin with.

That being said, Las Vegas has a long history – it was incorpotated into the US in 1911. Las Vegas is not actually the brightly lit roads with casinos and entertainment centres at every corner, the city itself is separate from the “strip” the stretch of road that houses all the casinos and is by far one of the most filmed pieces of land in popular TV and cinema.

How Did Vegas Come To Be? Everything came together for the city of Las Vegas in the year 1931 when the state of Nevada legalized gambling, not only that it was also the year when construction on the Hoover Dam began. Since 1931 fell well within the time frame of the Great Depression, the dam construction and the influx of people at that time helped abate some of the negative effects of the economic crisis.

Vegas’ love for bright lights and flashy hotels began after the Second World War. This was a time when people wanted to move on from the grim reality of the war and of the lives lost therein and usher in an era of opulence and frivolity. Thus began decades of decadence.Since the 1960s, business bigwigs began buying and constructing property in Las Vegas. These are renowned online gambling casino that still dominate the landscape and continue to be a part of the dazzling Vegas skyline. It wasn’t until 1989, however, that Vegas went from the town of gambling to a more organized experience. In 1989 The Mirage was inaugurated – this was the city’s first oversized resort cum casino.In 1995, the Vegas experience went a notch higher with the inauguration of the “Fremont Street Experience”. This street is a canopied area that features millions of LED lights and more than 500,000 watts of sound that go on from dusk until dawn to line up with the shows.Since then, Vegas is the go-to destination in the US for elopement weddings, mega stakes gambling, a kind of fantasy land where people come to leave their troubles behind for a few days before heading back to reality.